Rose’s Roses

Miniature Rose bush

A miniature Rose bush appeared!  Constance thought it might need water…



Little Rose

…but Rose got there first!

Thanks very much to the Hitty’s favourite photographer for making the little rose bush appear!





9 thoughts on “Rose’s Roses

  1. So very beautifully narrated and photographed. Believe it or not, I have similar colored roses on our dining room table too at the moment…stunning colors, aren’t they? Always loving your posts……….

  2. Beautiful roses (your favorite photographer is pretty great, huh?) Beautiful clothing and beautiful Hittys. All together wonderful! Thank you

  3. Well of course Rose would be in the middle of that gorgeous rosebush. The color of the blooms are beautiful.

  4. wow that is a very healthy looking mini rose plant! And of course dear Rose wants to make sure it stays that way!!

    • Rose is talking to the plant – she has heard that being friendly with plants makes them healthier…Constance is making sure of the practical part and thinks a Hitty-sized jug of water wouldn’t come amiss…both are no doubt correct!!

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