Low Tide in July


Constance invited Hittys Freddy and Lancaster Rose down to our favourite pebbly beach.




She showed them her best beach-combing technique…



…and Lancaster Rose promptly found a coveted piece of blue glass.



Chiton Plate

Freddy found a Chiton plate – we always think they resemble fossilised butterflies…




…everyone was pleased with the treasures (Lancaster Rose insisted on keeping her blue glass in her lap).




The girls climbed up the bedrock…




…and gazed out to sea for a while.



Goodbye Tea

Everyone hiked home again for a special tea – goodbye lovely visitors, come again soon!


10 thoughts on “Low Tide in July

  1. Ohhhh, such a nice time together and it is a memory now….thank you for sharing your joined times with us. It was lovely to come alongside.

  2. how wonderful to live near an ocean and have such delightful guests come visit. The girls found some nice treasures but I am sure the treasure of their friendship was the best part of the visit!

    • Friendship is a valuable treasure – made more delightful by visits in person! We had fun visiting, chatting, driving and walking around together. I believe the Hittys stayed up all one night just chattering to each other!

  3. What a lovely and magical day that was! You have documented it in such in such a delightful way. We will treasure the memories. A heart-felt thank you from Freddy Howard, Lancaster Rose, and their human..

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