New Butternut Girl

Partly Done

A new girl appeared in the Hitty Cupboard…






…she has a party dress and some good quality raingear…




…and a set of work/play clothes…she and Tansy are on the way to Haida Gwaii!




12 thoughts on “New Butternut Girl

  1. Happy trails to the travelling pair and may they have wonderful adventures.. shared for some part, maybe? Both these adorable works of love will be impeccable, peaceful ambassadors.

    • The time the girls spend together will be fun, though Butternut girl is destined to stay on the islands. They have a good outlook on life, and will be friends with anyone that wants to befriend them!

  2. So sweet. Butternut looks like she is from Haida Gwaii…perhaps she will experience an awakening of a special kind. Constance will be a wonderful friend and guide for her. Can hardly wait to see how this enfolds.

    • I don’t know where the original tree was, but the blank was made in Oregon, and carved in Victoria…we hope that Butternut girl will find a home in Haida Gwaii with a little girl that loves Hittys!

  3. Wonderful, dear looking Butternut Girl…and what a wonderful addition to the cupboard and now traveling companion for Tansy. They both look like they’re the serious scholarly type…maybe you can clue us in to what type of personality the new girl has.

    • She’s only been in existence for a week, but I’ve heard Butternut girl called strong and determined; a magical storyteller; young and spunky, and a few other things as well…I think she will make friends wherever she goes!

  4. already off on an adventure with Tansy! She looks like she will be great company and is all ready for roughing it at the sites! Bon Voyage New Hitty!!

    • Butternut girl does look ready to take on any adventure that comes her way! Tansy is glad to be spending a bit of time with her, the rest of the Quimper Hittys only got a couple of days to get to know her, but they already know they like her!

  5. It was such a treat to watch the new butternut girl emerge. I know she will be much loved and have wonderful adventures with her new person!

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