Honey Spas 2019

Bee Balm

Min and Gilly picked some Bee Balm…

Mosi Cooky

…shared a fabulous cooky from Mosi Bakery and Cafe (click here for their website)…




…and had a sleepover with sweet dreams…



Bee Skep Quilt

…under their new Bee Skep Quilt!



Happy Honey Spas! In Russia and Ukraine, it is believed that this is the day the bees stop collecting nectar, roses stop blooming, the swallows start their migration south and the dew on the grass becomes cold.  This celebration marks the beginning of the end of summer…Happy Honey Spas.  We hope people everywhere are able to celebrate a joyful and abundant honey harvest!




8 thoughts on “Honey Spas 2019

    • My ancestors were from Northern Europe (Sweden/Finland/Ireland). I credit my Swedish Faster Anna and my Irish Grandma with instilling a love of handwork, and my Finnish dad for the love of stories and drama! I am so glad you enjoy the Quimper Hittys and their tiny outlook on their tiny lives!

  1. Quimper human…you are amazing. What a delightful bee quilt…and you even found a bakery with a bee cookie…but my gosh…I soooooooooo adore the photos of Min and Gilly…just love them both to the moon and back. What adorable woodens they are.

  2. the bee quilt is so cute!!! And that cookie!!! I know the Hittys (and perhaps their human) enjoyed it to the last crumb!
    Thank you for sharing another great holiday with us.

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