A Bit Too Much Rain

Rag Rug

Rag Rug

It is Still Raining… I don’t think it has been forty days and forty nights, but it feels like it.  The house of the Human’s weaving friend has experienced a disastrous flood, which  involved pumping out large volumes of water, removing carpet and drywall, and putting the loom up on blocks while dehumidifiers and workpersons ameliorate the situation.  We have had to put on hold the exciting weaving project we were just about to start.  Constance has gone back to her Finnish Rag Rug-weaving.

Follow your Arrow Shawl

Follow your Arrow Shawl

…and the human is working on other textile projects – Agathe says this shawl is already big enough…


New Clothes!

New Clothes!

…Tansy is excited about the possibilities of these nice woven scraps – will they turn into skirts, petticoats  nightgowns or aprons?


Hitty Sleeping Bag Pair

Hitty Sleeping Bag Pair

…and the Block sisters approve of the Hitty Sleeping bags.


8 thoughts on “A Bit Too Much Rain

  1. Oh my! I do trust also that the weaving friend’s home will not be any worse for this water disaster. What a shame.
    But, the QHs are all busy and this reader sighs with relief and joy for the beauty that surrounds you all.

    • I have drunk many an encouraging cup of tea with my friend,we hope to get the weaving started in a month or so…We are very lucky that the Quimper Hitty house does not have a basement, or it would no doubt be flooded too. We do have to wade out to the woodpile…if it keeps raining we will have to row!

  2. Constance…the soul of serenity. Weaving away , at one with the universe! hope your friends home is soon returned to habitable. Looking forward to seeing what that over large shawl becomes. And of course the girls are always amusing….in their “sleeping bags”. Great pics. Hope the sun returns soon.

    • We are looking forward to the over-large shawl project too. It is a Ravelry knit-along, where you don’t know what the result is until you get there! The “sleeping bags” are almost done!

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