Keeping busy


While Jane is indoors trying to keep up with the dusting…





Knitting En Plein Air

…Rose has taken her knitting out to the herb garden…




…Tatty is foraging…




…and Tuesday is daydreaming in an obliging tree…





…while the twins are keeping an eye on the construction…



8 thoughts on “Keeping busy

    • we’ve been searching for activities that can be done away from the noise and dust…except for Jane to whom dust is anathema! She feels obliged to remove dust as soon as she sees it…she’s going to be very busy!

  1. It’s always a good idea to go outdoors when we can…especially those of us who live in areas where that is not always feasible.
    Those twins are the best. Just love their personalities and outlook on life.

    • It is rather enjoyable outside at the moment, not too hot, and not too cool, it was positively autumnal a day or two ago…the Quimper Hittys are enjoying themselves outside while they can!

  2. OF course the twins are keeping a close eye on the proceedings! I am surprised that they are not in the thick of it! I hope someone in the Quimper cupboard is keeping an eye on that pair! Loved the photos of the other girls relaxing in the cool shade of the garden busy with their tasks and hobbies.

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