Tuesday’s Roses


June is for Roses…




…we have several varieties in the garden…




…and Tuesday finds it impossible to choose her favourite kind…





…but these are the best for potpourri!



9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Roses

    • We are lucky that we had to move the red rose last year due to construction, but it has taken to it’s newly transplanted spot, and looks like it will oblige us by climbing up an archway!

  1. Goodness, Tuesday looks so lovely with the roses. I really admire her dress! How fun that you have different varieties of roses in your garden.

    • Tuesday does like that dress a lot – a kind Hitty friend gave it to me…the fabric is wonderful. We are lucky with the roses. Our white one is entwined with a pot of mint…I always think I will disentangle them, but they seem happy together in the pot…

    • We have one more transplanted rose in the back hedge that is doing its best to stay alive, and a miniature rose in a pot that is not happy at the moment. I am not sure what it wants…Is December Rose season for you?

      • I’m not very good when it comes to plants unfortunately… so when I see anyone who does so well with flowers I get a lot of joy from it. I know summer here is brilliant for roses as my neighbour has beautiful roses. We have wild rose bushes in our front garden and it does very well in December and January.

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