Sandy November Walk


Gráinne and Arianell went down to the sandy beach…




…on a chilly late fall day.




Arianell found a pretty seashell…




…and tucked it into her pocket.




What a beautiful morning!





14 thoughts on “Sandy November Walk

  1. Thank you, K, for bringing us joy in the daily activities of life, the daily jaunts, the daily doings. There is much to be appreciated in those daily gifts we participate in.

  2. Becky has such a lovely way of expressing so many of our feelings and experiences when we view your stories. If you could read my heart, you would know how much I appreciate your blog.
    Seeing the girls together on your beautiful beach almost made me feel like I was there with them.

  3. what could be better then a walk with a good friend on a beautiful peaceful morning. Love the coats and especially Arianelle and her pockets!!

    • Gráinne is wondering why I made her a coat with pocket flaps with no pocket bag! Luckily I sewed Arianell’s camel hair coat with an extra pocket just in case Gráinne finds a little treasure too!

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