Feast of Esther!

Happy Day

Tatty is so happy, it is a special day for her…



Chag Purim sameach

…Gilly wished her a happy Purim!




Tatty told the story of the king Ahasuerus…




…Gilly didn’t like the part about the scary guy Haman.



Hooray for Esther!

…but the brave Queen Esther succeeded in saving the Jewish people!




Tatty served a giant walnut and honey Hamantash for the Feast of Esther!

To all our Jewish Friends and relations:    Happy Purim!    Chag Purim sameach!     צ’אג פורים סאמאץ ‘


8 thoughts on “Feast of Esther!

  1. Happy Purim Hatty. I’m glad your sisters celebrated this holiday with you. I feel like Gilly, on hearing about evil people like Haman. Hopefully our world will always have an abundance of good and brave souls, like the beautiful Queen Ester, to slay these heinous acts of evil.
    The girls look adorable as usual. They lift my spirits and always bring a smile to my heart.

  2. what a wonderful way to celebrate Purim… Complete with a Hamantash (which I had to look up!) I always learn something from your stories.

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