October in the Garden

Witch Hazel

An October morning in the garden. The Witch Hazel leaves are brilliant…




…and the dew is very heavy.




We’ve picked leeks all summer, and planted new starts for our winter veg!




Although most flowers are fading the anemones are really pretty right now.




Look! The quinces are almost ready to pick…



…and we have a second crop of raspberries!



It has been a very odd fall, with normal-for-October chilly mornings and overnight, but mid day temperatures are the highest daily recorded since records began more than one hundred years ago.


8 thoughts on “October in the Garden

  1. Glad to read of your fall garden doings, so very pretty and productive. Interesting regarding your mid-day temps. Is there any understanding about the why of it?

    • The weather is odd this year – we had a long cold spring, and warm temperatures didn’t really start until the end of July…we ought to be having the beginnings of rain by now…we don’t really understand the why.

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