Moon Snail Bracelet for Luna


Luna was carved out of Western Red Cedar scrap wood from Haida Gwaii.  Our favourite photographer visited the Islands last month and he came home with a little engraved “Ear cuff”, which he thought would make an excellent Hitty bracelet for Tansy or Sitka…




…but Tansy and Sitka each have a pair of lovely copper bracelets already! 




So I decided to dig out my cedar telephone pole scrap, and carved a doll named Luna…




…so she could wear the bracelet, which has a moon snail design.



Haida Gwaii Girls

This might be the first time I have made, and named a doll to fit a piece of jewellery!







15 thoughts on “Moon Snail Bracelet for Luna

    • She was! The three of them (Tansy, Sitka and Luna) are the only Hittys with bracelets, so far…but we like the way they look! I think the “London Doll” who wrote a diary had a bracelet with her name engraved on it.

  1. Luna appears to be another very lovely companion to the Hitty Cupboard on Quimper Street. How marvelous that that little “bracelet” came your way which gave entrance to Luna.

  2. So wonderful that inspiration can come from such unexpected sources! Luna is a treasure and kudos to the Quimper Hittys’ favorite photographer for bringing home that tiny piece of jewelry that led to her creation. Thanks so much for sharing her delightful story with us!

  3. I’m so impressed by the lovely Luna. She is a very well done, quality through and through. I love the addition of white lace – perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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