Whaling Station

Consolidated Whaling

Whaling was a fact of life in Haida Gwaii for many thousands of years, though the purpose and method changed drastically after First Nations came into contact with Europeans.  This Whaling Station at Rose Harbour ceased production in 1943.

Giant Try-Pot on the beach.

 Try-Pots were used to render Whale-oil. This one is rusting away on the beach.Tansy is faintly appalled, but remembers her Ancestor in the story “Hitty – her first hundred years”.  That original Hitty had much more up close and personal encounters with whale rendering.


Inside the Try-pot.

The inside of the Try-pot has mercifully  been scoured of whale oil by seas, sand weather, time.


Look out.

Tansy had to get a breath of air after exploring the try-pot..


Rust to dust.

And then she found another rusting bit of machinery in the forest.


Whale vertebra.

The only whalebone Tansy saw at the whaling station was this vertebra.


View out over Rose Harbour.


Here Tansy looks across at Ellen Island (Kilgii Gwaay) before the boat ride home following a great meal at Rose Harbour.  She found the old whaling station interesting, but poignant.


You can learn more about Tansy’s trip  through this link which has posts by her adult friend Ehpem who kindly took her along in his camera bag and pockets.

18 thoughts on “Whaling Station

  1. Wonderful photos! My favorite is Tansy getting a breath of air by peeking out of the try-pot. What a beautiful area.

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