Tansy Inspects Raised Beaches

Up and ready for a day’s work

At the end of the summer Tansy and her favourite photographer went to Quadra Island off the central east coast of Vancouver Island for a week of wrapping up a 5 year project. On that project they are conducting research to find out where the shoreline used to be as the glaciers were melting, and to dig tests along those former beach edges to find places where some of the earliest people in the Americas were living.

This trip included camping as the place they were testing required passing some very strong and dangerous tidal currents, something they did not want to be doing twice a day. Tansy enjoys camping, and the camp life and helped make sure this one was comfortable and entertaining, even with music.

Music via bluetooth

Every camp needs a convenience, and Tansy made sure that one was made with care, from driftwood.

Making the convenience

The only disappointment was a fire ban, arising from a long drought this summer. Tansy and crew had to find warmth in a rock placed in the middle of last year’s hearth.

Stone-cold fire

The camp was in the forest, not far from the site location.

Fine view from on the tent

Driftwood and a giant boulder, left behind by a glacier, were used for the camp furniture

Driftwood furniture

Erratic furniture

Up by the site Tansy found a beaver skull and was fascinated to examine the tooth closely as she had learned that they were used to make small chisels and adzes by the Indigenous peoples for use in woodworking.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the site the excavation became too deep for Tansy to get in and out, so she climbed into the screen and helped out there, looking for artifacts and fetching bags for the finds.


Looking for small artifacts

Finding a bag for an artifact


Tansy is thrilled to announce that a video about the project was released yesterday which explains what she and her favourite photographer and his colleagues have been doing and finding for the past 5 summers. Click on the video below to learn more about Tansy’s work. And this link also has more information about the project.

Click here for a link to google maps that shows where Quadra Island is located.






6 thoughts on “Tansy Inspects Raised Beaches

  1. It’s difficult to simply make a comment or two and keep it concise. Tansy is a complete joy…being able to follow her on all of these excursions has been fun, informative and amusing…just knowing that the entire group on “her” team, welcomed her and took her to heart, shows me how dear each and every member is in this wonderful group.
    The video was both enlightening and beautiful. This part of the world is breathtakingly stunning and surreal.
    It was fun to see our “Favorite Photographer” and hear him talk about his experiences.
    Thank You so very much.

    • We are happy to share the wonderful adventures that Tansy has with her favourite photographer – I think the more people know about the history and nature of this amazing area, the more they will value and protect them here and everywhere. I love that Tansy and the photographer are helping expand people’s experiences!

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