A Miss Pinch Pelisse VII

Elegant From The Front

Elegant From The Front.

Hitty Constance is wearing her new Blue Velvet Pelisse.  She is on her way to a New Year’s Eve outing, hoping it will be less eventful than one of the ones experienced by the original Hitty.

In one of the chapters in the book “Hitty – her first hundred years” by Rachel Field and illustrated by Dorothy Lathrop, poor Original Hitty was taken out on an adventure on New Year’s Eve by the headstrong Isabella, lost in an affray with some street urchins, threatened with being torched by one of them, but rescued by another and given as a gift to a poor little cousin…Quite a  momentous beginning to the new year.   Constance hopes for something more sedate.

The Back is Beautiful.

The Back is Beautiful as well.



Constance and I and the rest of the Quimper Hittys wish you all a very happy year, we hope you all find joy and ease, and peace in 2013…



This is the seventh post about making the “Miss Pinch Pelisse”… click here to see all the posts about making the Pelisse, from the beginning (a well-worn human-sized blouse) to the end (an elegant doll-sized Pelisse).



24 thoughts on “A Miss Pinch Pelisse VII

  1. Wow – what a wonderful garment. Constance looks so very fine in it! She is sure to have a good evening. May all the Quimper Hittys have a wonderful new year, full of new clothes, travel, adventures and maybe a new sister to two as well!

  2. Hitty Constance makes a very elegant model for this beautifully made pelisse. I thank you for the instruction as well as a posting of the fruit of your labor.

  3. Constance wears the Pelisse well. That fabric looks so good on her. Looks like she came out of Rachel Field’s book. She will definately have a more sedate adventure.

  4. I’ve been waiting to see this! What a truly gorgeous garment you’ve created here, it’s elegant and beautiful! Terrific photography here, really showcasing the details and work that went into the Pelisse’s creation!

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