Mary Ann’s Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

 Mary Ann visits the chickens, and their friend the lamb.


12 thoughts on “Mary Ann’s Easter Morning

  1. It looks like a cozy, contented time together in the “barn”. Those animals must be well aware that Mary Ann has a tender heart towards them.

    • The eggs and the chickens are needle-felted. I made the decorated eggs, the others came with the hens, which are made by a family business, Tidal Toys in Victoria. I bought them at the Moss Street Market.

    • Thank you – the Quimper Hittys have several wooden animals, I inherited a couple of partial farm sets from my mother…Hattie was eyeing up the piglet thinking an Easter Ham might be nice…Mary Ann is now trying to find a copy of Charlotte’s Web for her.

    • The Humans had Easter Ham. The carnivorous Hittys had stuffed chicken (it was a bit rubbery, Hattie is still trying to get used to the wood-fired cookstove) and the Vegetarian Hittys had cheese souffle.

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