Friday Harbor Friends

Friends Meet

Friends Meet

It was a thrill to meet a Hitty friend on San Juan Island. The beautiful Hitty Marcail welcomed us into her Hitty cupboard.  The Quimper Hitty girls were anxious about meeting a Lotz Hitty, who are always so serene and  lovely.  She always appears in beautiful outfits and this Irish ensemble was perfectly gorgeous, with fine hand embroidered details. Happily, Marcail was not in the least stand-offish and the girls chatted delightedly while the humans did the same.

Three on a log

Three on a log

Constance and her sisters found a very comfortable spot to sit while admiring the lapping ocean wavelets in Deadman’s Bay.



Such a beautiful Day

Such a Beautiful Day

From here we could look across the Strait toward Victoria, where the rest of the Quimper Hittys were holding the fort. On the way back to our cabin we spotted an Orca, who spouted and waved its dorsal fin at us – what an end to a beautiful weekend.




7 thoughts on “Friday Harbor Friends

  1. What a glorious time you all must have had. It is so fun to see Hitty Marcail again and what a gathering! Min looks like she’s really studying the Irish details of Marcail’s outfit.

  2. ahhh the lovely Marcail! how fun that your girls (and YOU) got to meet her. Everyone looks so sweet and
    pleased. Love your pics of the ocean.

  3. A lovely spot to visit. And how delightful to find Hittys live on San Juan Island as well, not that far away from the Quimper Hitty Cupboard.

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