Avast you Sea Rats


Mungo Says Ar-r-r

Mungo Says Ar-r-r

Shiver-me-timbers, Yorick is attempting to teach Mungo to communicate.

 Happy 19th annual Talk like a Pirate Day!  Click here for the official Website!



8 thoughts on “Avast you Sea Rats

  1. Mungo is such a bonny chap. how nice that he will be able to address the world at large soon…if only in Argghhh and
    perhaps a form of Elizabethan English! hmmm, come to think of it might not help his communication skills!

    Great pic!!!

  2. Yorick looks as if he might have been keel-hauled, past a barnacle crusted keel. I hope he is going to be OK. Does Mungo have a flask in his sporran (for medicinal purposes only, of course)? I suspect Yorick would appreciate a bit of sharing about now

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