Opal and Agathe Compare Clothes



Opal liked Agathe’s summer dress, made of yoyo circle fabric,  and Agathe admired Opal’s splendid Turkey Red dress.  They both decided Opal needed her own pleated pinafore so her dress would stay clean in the event that they get into messy activities…

The human duly made one for Opal to keep, and now the dolls are discussing whether any articles of clothing may need to be borrowed…




8 thoughts on “Opal and Agathe Compare Clothes

  1. You girls lool so lovely in your pinafores. We are hoping our Person will make us something similar but we fear she is too busy just now and we may have to wait to see whether we receive one each in our Christmas stockings.
    We are not too knowledgeable about the Hitty diaspora so forgive us for not knowing, but who is the human fortunate enough to have Opal usually sharing her life?
    Best wishes,
    Mary N-Q-Hitty

    • The pinafores were quick to make, but also break down into small, short, straight seams, so you could do a little at a time and they’d be done before you know it! Opal will return to her carver, TC Vollum when her visit to the Hitty Cupboard is over.

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