February Blossoms

Flowering Plum

Flowering Plum

The Block Sisters are taking a neighbourhood stroll in the February damp, and have noticed some encouraging harbingers of spring….



Clematis armandii

This is the earliest Clematis flower around here, rather uninspiring most of the year and then glorious for about a week!



The sweet Hyacinths almost make one dizzy with their perfume…



It is lovely to walk in the wet  February afternoon, just to be filled with the lovely sight of nature being renewed!



10 thoughts on “February Blossoms

  1. Winter has circled around and is thumping us, once again, so it’s bliss to be able to share in your flowery heaven! The Block Sisters fit with the blossoms so perfectly, don’t they? It makes sense in a way, since they once were part of a tree themselves 🙂

  2. what a refreshing post this is….all those flowers and those lovely sisters. Wonderful photos….beautiful flowers!!!
    I feel a renewed hope that spring will indeed come to Missouri….

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