Wonky Chair

Rust and Splinters

Rust and Splinters

A funny little chair emerged from the dollhouse furniture trunk – another home made item from the ancestral dollhouse. This one was too dangerous to be played with as it had wood splinters and rusted nails poking out. In fact it looked a bit like baby bear’s chair after Goldilocks was through sitting in it!

Snipped off Rusted Nails

Snipped off Rusted Nails

Min begged the human to help her fix it, so first the rusty nails holding the seat back to the uprights were snipped off, leaving little stubs.


Flip the back rest

Flip the back rest

Min then flipped the chair back over so the splinters were below and the painted edge at the top…


glue the sides

glue the sides

…white glue was applied to the sides of the chair back…


clamp with elastics

clamp with elastics

…and the chair back pressed into the nail stubs.  Elastics were wound tightly round the entire back to hold it while the glue dried.

Wonky Chair (21)

seat pad

Next day the chair was still wonky…but at least it was safe to be sat upon, and with the addition of a little felt seat pad…

Wonky Chair (17)

Just Right

It was perfect!


17 thoughts on “Wonky Chair

  1. So very, very charming! Min seemed to be the perfect assistant in this endeavor to make the ancestral chair usable again. Well done!

  2. I am sure that as soon as MIn leaves that chair…the cat will claim it!! That cushion will proved to be too much of a temptation. What a charming story and a delightful save of the wonky chair! Min is the best!!

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