The last Small Adventure (6)



The last bit of our small adventure included lunch at the Port Renfrew Inn…

Refreshing liquids

Refreshing liquids

…where some of the travelers enjoyed refreshing cool liquids…

In the lens

In the lens

…and others could not contain their curiosity…

Kinsall Trestle

Kinsol Trestle

…we all marvelled at the historic Kinsol trestle…

Cathy Jefferson Teapot

Cathi Jefferson Teapot

…stopped at our favourite pottery studio…



And returned home again replete with memories.



9 thoughts on “The last Small Adventure (6)

  1. Thanks for sharing this last small adventure. It’s nice to see the Hitty girls snug as bugs in a rug to end it all.

    • Jim knows the ‘Ohhhhhhhhhh!’, and asks: “Hittys?”. He always comes to peek over my shoulder each morning when I squeal with delight at your latest adventure. He asked me to please say ‘Hello’ for him- he loves the photos, too!

    • We love our new teapot too – the old one was loved into pieces at last, and we are happy to have a replacement that is as beautiful, pours well, and has lovely memories attached!!

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