Sandilands Tea


Tansy has noticed a lack of nice tea to drink on Archaeological fieldwork projects.




Red Rose is all very well, but not at all the same as our favourite bespoke tea from Murchie’s tea shop in Downtown Victoria.  Tansy cleaned off her spade and got busy filling some tea bags…




…and though ironing is not her favourite job, Tansy does know how to do it, and is willing to be domestic in an emergency!




It won’t be a “pinkies out” kind of tea situation, but Tansy knows the joy of a really nice cup of tea at the end of a cold wet day in the mud!





18 thoughts on “Sandilands Tea

  1. Tansy, fave photographer might start wondering why he’s invited along on those excursions….I think we all have a hunch! 😉

  2. Tansy is a very considerate travelling companion. On our recent trip to Quadra Island, there was no other tea in camp, but Tansy had packed exactly the right amount for a week of breakfasts (thank goodness as neither of us drink coffee). This time around, I don’t think she is big enough to pack enough for every morning for the many weeks we will be gone, but it will be a treat to have an occasional cup of Sandilands blend, pinkies in 🙂

  3. Tansy you clever dear. Making your own special tea bags…I am impressed. Your human is very lucky to have you thinking of him. Looking forward to hearing about the new adventures when you return to civilization.

    • Tansy is a very thoughtful Hitty and knows that good food (and tea) makes a world of difference when one is out in an isolated camp situation…she does her best to keep everyone happy!

  4. So I had to try this new tea source. I am a bit boring, as I mainly drink black tea. But there is a wide variety of flavor in black tea. I ordered some of the Balmoral Blend. what blend do you prefer?

    • The closest to Sandilands is, I think, Waterfront Tea…but Sandilands is THE best (according to the Quimper crew)! The recipe is in the little black binder behind the till in the Government St shop in Victoria, you never know they might mix some up for you!

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