Three Strawberries

A Bumper Crop

A Bumper Crop

Outside the house it is super hot at the moment.  As long as we keep watering them, the strawberries are thriving, though they are only ripening a few at a time.


Berry Fork

Berry Fork

 Inside the house, Hattie demonstrates the correct use of the berry fork, starting with the smallest of the three entire strawberries we picked today!





8 thoughts on “Three Strawberries

  1. Despite there being three strawberries, they’re an artistic’s delight-so very, very pretty. You’ve captured that beauty in your photos.

  2. The Bonsai Hittys are SO JEALOUS! If only they could go outside and find perfect strawberries! We have none in our yard, so must get them at the grocery store!

  3. such sophistication….strawberry fork? The country Hittys feel quite gauche and rural. “Who knew?” they are
    asking themselves!! I believe that you have ever bearing strawberries. They set berries all summer but only a
    few at a time. My Mennonite gardening expert told me for a big harvest all at once I was to plant June Bearing.
    and then she took a good long look at me and said “you do intend to make jam don’t you?” Since I am totally
    intimidated by her I of course nodded meekly. I love your photos!! Hope you get some rain soon.

    • Oh font of strawberry wisdom – thank you for the encouraging words…Hattie is perfectly content with the few coming at a time. It would mean an immense amount of work to put them up if they all came at once…as we are anticipating for the rasp and blue berries coming next week!

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