Misery of Pip

Tree Disaster

Tree Disaster

While Constance and Gracia were away in Colombia, a tremendous November storm pounded the home of the Quimper Hitty human.  With winds of over 120 km/h our venerable old apple tree was torn in half.  We knew it was too old to last very much longer, but were sorry when at last it succumbed.


Stack of firewood

Stack of firewood

Pip was particularly miserable. After spending an entire year documenting the apple tree in all seasons (2012/2013)…


Oh dear

Oh dear

…it was very hard to see the old tree reduced to firewood.


Huge pile

Huge pile

After the wind died down and the puddles in the yard dried out a bit, the Quimper Hitty human’s partner made good use of a borrowed Chainsaw.


Boo Hoo Hoo

Boo Hoo Hoo

Mary Ann was very comforting but Pip couldn’t bear to watch.


To see all the adventures of Pip in the Apple Tree, click here.


11 thoughts on “Misery of Pip

  1. I can understand Pip’s inability to face the current apple tree situation. Mary Ann is such a comfort. My condolences in losing the tree.

    • There are large chunks of tree stacked in the back yard, but we’ll have to see which bits are good for carving if any. We do have a fine walking stick that we cut from a branch several years ago…

  2. Oh how sad! Pip looks tiny and desolate. All of us, here, send wooden hugs that we hope will bring support if not comfort. Time to find a new sprout!

  3. I have enjoyed all the many adventures of Pip and the HIttys in that apple tree. It will be fondly remembered. How sweet of Mary Ann to provide the shelter of her arms.

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