Cobbled together

Sock feet are no good for a Prince who wants to go out and play.

Tamino needed shoes before he could go out to play!

I’ve created a gallery so you can see how I made his shoes…at the end of the gallery, I will explain what I’d do differently next time! Click any image to see a larger view, and then use the arrows to navigate back and forth within the gallery.





Watch out, Dragons!

…Tamino is ready to chase some dragons!

Next time I would not do a separate shoe piece to wrap around the heel of the foot… it was very fiddly and just added bulk.

To stiffen the whole shoe after it was finished, I wrapped the last in cling film, and then spread cyanoacrylate (super glue) onto the film around where it would contact the shoe. Then I replaced the shoe onto the last  for a few minutes until the adhesive dried. When the last is pulled out, the cling film comes with it, and the little shoe is stiff enough to just slip onto Tamino’s foot.








12 thoughts on “Cobbled together

  1. You are amazing…Who would have ever thought that a popsicle stick could be parlayed into Royal Footwear.
    I showed Julie this tutorial and she wants to try to make our boy “Jules” shoes. You make things look achievable but I know that a lot of practice and patience goes into all these wonderful clothes.
    Tamino is so handsome.

  2. Yes, Tamino is a vision. Cobbling sounds rustic (which I love)…I think I would like to call what you did Mastery…although you may not be practiced in shoe making, you have created a masterful work in total on Tamino. Your last photo of him is just sumptuous. You are so inspiring and a blessing to us who appreciate (and use) your tutorials. Many thanks once again.

    • I am glad you said so – it has been fun pulling it all together…and I am very glad if the tutorials are useful…I love that all the Hittys in this household are patient with my experimenting, and pleased with the results!

  3. Excellent work! I have an older brother who loves children’s shoes because of their tiny size. These would put him over the moon! I will have to send him a link to this tutorial. Prince Tomino is devine!

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