Garrya elliptica



The January daily rainshowers mean raincoats every day. Carrot Soup came to work with me and she (not I) discovered a new plant in the  museum garden!




Garrya elliptica is a very early blooming plant native to California  and southern Oregon.  Carrot Soup loves them for their evergreen leaves, and odd catkins!!



Missing Wings

Missing Wings

Having spent several weeks on top of our Christmas Tree, she is an experienced tree-percher.  She did point out that wings would have made it easier for her to reach the top.

12 thoughts on “Garrya elliptica

  1. What unique catkins! I can see them attaching themselves to the bottom of Carrot Soup’s feet, start wiggling and wriggling and propel Carrot Soup up higher..when you have catkins, and such “muscular” ones, imagine the work that they could do.

    • We could meet for a cup of tea, and I almost always have some Hitty or other in my pocket! But if you want to see one close up, there are also two of these bushes on Crescent Avenue just west of Foul Bay Road…

  2. What an intriguing plant/tree/?? Carrot Soup looks perfectly at home perched there. Also..>LOVE her raincoat and hat. That color is perfect on her.

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