Pancake Day 2017

Eggs and Milk

Eggs and Milk

Constance mixed 1 1/2 cups of milk, half a cup of flour, four eggs and a tablespoon of melted butter…



…and we all had Swedish Pancakes for Fat Tuesday!

We have a special cast iron Swedish Pancake pan, that makes seven little pancakes at once – Yum!!!

6 thoughts on “Pancake Day 2017

  1. This little story had me in tears. (happy tears) My mother was Swedish and made these wonderful large thin pancakes for the family. I remember going to our Uncle’s house who told us he was making pancakes and my brother, sister and I looked forward to them, only to be completely perplexed at what we saw on our plates. Kids only like what their mom’s make and we were shocked at the small round fat doughy cake like things on our plates. My mom looked at us, like mom’s will do, her eyes large and stern letting us know to keep our disgust to ourselves.
    Quimper human, your Hitty sized Swedish pancakes looked just like my mom’s…she even served them with her favorite fruit…fresh blueberries just like you do. What a happy memory.

    • I have happy Swedish pancake memories too – though it was my grandmother made them for me…I always liked the Thursday night suppers at her house with pancakes for dessert!

  2. oh goodness…at my house we love pancakes in all forms!! Thin, baked, puffy….no such thing as a bad pancake and yours look exceptional!

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