Solar Eclipse Cake

Solar Eclipse Cakes

The smallest human helped make some solar eclipse cakes!




Hittys love them

Elvira took a big sniff!



Oh No!!!! The Ferocilaptor tried to eat the Solar Eclipse Cupcakes…




…but Tephra gave it some meat…




…and gave it the volcano tin for its own home!




…then everybody was happy again.



10 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Cake

  1. OOH! ot just an eclipse but a cake eclipse too!
    We stayed up all night last week, trying to see the great meteor shower but the Welsh sky was, well, eclipsed by cloud. But we ate popcorn, drank hot chocolate andspent the night exchanging stories with other wooden friends, so it was still fun. Our Person made a start that night on bringing us a basswood friend to life. It is a slow birthing process and we are a little worried as she has never been a Hitty midwife before. We do wonder what the new N-Q-H will look like, but will welcome her regardless.
    Mary Not-Quite-Hitty

    • How very exciting to hear a new N-Q Hitty may be coming to fruition! I think slow is just fine, it means you can ponder…and fix things if they start going sideways! There is a stage that most Hittys go through when the carver is sure the Hitty is destined for kindling, but don’t give up!

  2. a delight to see the youngest Quimper human so pleased with the creations. Happy to see the meat eating raptor is safely tucked away. Lovely little story line and such fun photos.

  3. How precious is your growing granddaughter! And she does love to make Hitty stories. Lovely Eclipse cakes! Wish I were there to eat one, and visit you all.
    Celia C

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