Solar Eclipse!


Opal and Agathe went to the Museum to view the solar eclipse!!





They saw reflected images of the sun through a scope…



…and dozens of little eclipsed sun reflections through a colander!!!




They were VERY lucky that they could look through an eclipse-viewer…




…this is what they saw!

We are so lucky to live in Victoria BC which was the best place in Canada to see the sun 90+ percent eclipsed by the moon! The light became wavery and dim, and the temperature dropped…what an experience! Opal and Agathe were very happy that the smallest human wanted to bring them along and even shared her eclipse-viewers with them!





13 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse!

  1. We took a lot of pictures of the crescent shapes on the driveway, filtered through the leaves of the trees. What a neat experience. We only had 75% coverage, but it still made the light very odd, although not completely dark. We had a welding helmet and invited our neighbours to view with us, so it was great fun.

  2. What fun! We tried lots of viewers too, but Hitty Hana stayed safely at home because the crowds were thick at our museum.

    • I am sure Hitty Hana heard all about it! Agathe and Opal were discussing it late into the night, the other Hittys were glad they braved the crowds, and could give them eyewitness accounts!

  3. It really was quite a fun experience. We sat on our front porch and enjoyed the show. It was 99% at the farm. Rather eerie!! Love your pics.

  4. Tansy and I were too busy digging in the forest and saw none of it. But we did find a crescent shaped pattern in the dirt so maybe it influenced us. About that time a raven came and practiced its entire vocabulary on us as well.

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