Our Last Day in the Far North (this trip)

Making a berry basket

Constance and I returned to Da Kų for another morning of sewing…this time Sharon taught us how to make a birch bark berry collecting basket. How perfect is that? Berries are Constance’s favourite food!



The Book

Constance was very pleased with the berry-collecting basket. She posed with it in front of a stack of books in the Da Kų gift shop!



Kjerstin Mackie lecturing

Coincidentally, the Quimper Hitty human and several other authors had spent the previous evening offering insights on various chapters of that very book. All of us had written chapters or otherwise contributed to:

Kwädąy Dän Ts’ìnchį: Teachings from Long Ago Person Found


Click here for a link to information about the book. Please forgive the following shameless self-promoting…


The three editors of the book are the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations Heritage Planner Sheila Greer, Royal BC Museum Environmental Botanist (Emeritus) Richard Hebda, and the Quimper Hittys very own favourite photographer, BC Archaeologist Alexander Mackie.

The Quimper Hitty Human wrote Chapter 26, co-authored one other chapter and contributed to others. The book was long in coming, but we are thrilled to have all of this information publicly available at last. Some of us from the south were lucky enough to able to attend  the Northern launch of the book. We are so grateful to the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations for their hospitality,  and generosity.



Road to Whitehorse

The trip was way too short, but so rewarding.  It was wonderful to meet people, sew with experts, see the mountains and snow, and help to present a project I have been involved with for nearly 20 years!




Constance wore her new regalia all the way home. Sharon had advised me to add a fur edging to the regalia… and when I asked if I could cut the rabbit fur a little narrower, she gave me a look, and said, You have no idea how cold it gets up here…Constance needs every bit of that fur!




We will never forget this trip!

Thank you –  Kwä̀nä̀schis – to everyone who made it happen!



20 thoughts on “Our Last Day in the Far North (this trip)

  1. Constance and Kjerstin, thank you so much for sharing this trip! My Hittys and I enjoyed this adventure immensely. Kjerstin, congratulations on the publication of the book and soo wonderful that you were able to attend the launch!

  2. I join my voice to the congratulations on the book and the new regalia and berry basket…and my heartfelt thanks for taking us along!!!!! I never imagined I would ever see Yukon!!!! Well…I should have expected that a dear Hitty born in Constantinople would have the travelling gene!!! 😘

    • Constance does have “itchy feet”, I think many Hittys do. I am always glad of her companionship as she is small, uncomplaining and inspires me to find or make little useful things for her (like baskets). We are so glad about the book, and very much appreciate your kind comments!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful adventure with us. I love your blog and forward it to family so they can enjoy it too.Jan F

  4. Congratulations to everyone involved in the book, I’m slowly reading my way through every word and enjoying it immensely. How wonderful that you could enjoy sewing classes, Constance looks so cozy in her fur trimmed regalia and she can use the basket for her knitting until it is berry time.

  5. Clap, clap!! Lots of applause and admiration from the Country Hittys and me!! I am sure the lectures were wonderful especially YOURS. Congrats for all the contributions you and the Favorite Photographer made to this project. And of course a bow to Constance… looking like the Frost Queen of the North in her regalia. Just lovely.

    • Thank you very much, we are pleased with the reception at the book launch – all the talks were great! We are glad you like Constance’s regalia – I like knowing she will be warm and cosy, as well as looking regal if she gets invited to a ceremony!

  6. I have so enjoyed all the postings about your trip to the Yukon Territory. Who wouldn’t have loved the morning sewing classes. Thank you for all the pictures.

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