April Elderflowers


Another rainy April day….




…Aurelia and Patience had an appointment with a flowering bush.

Not this one, but Aurelia wanted to stop off here on the way because the salmonberry flower matches her new rain coat.




The Elderberry is in bloom!! Our Elderflower Cordial recipe says to gather the flower clusters on a warm sunny day, but there haven’t been any lately and none are in the weather forecast.



Basket full

We gathered a basket-full (the recipe says 15 to 20 flower clusters, but ours are very small)!



Lemon Slices

Patience sliced up a whole lemon.



Grated zest

Aurelia grated the zest, and squeezed the juice of a second lemon…




We measured half a kilo of sugar…




…and four tablespoons of honey.

The Elderflower Cordial recipe says to:

boil a liter of water, add sugar, honey and the lemon zest.

Take off the heat, add flower clusters and lemon slices

and then…




….let stand for 24 hours.

before straining and bottling.

Patience and Aurelia wonder why all the most delicious recipes require long periods of waiting?





9 thoughts on “April Elderflowers

    • I bought the fabric for the raincoats in the south of France last summer. It was in an equivalent to “Michael’s Craft Store” but I don’t remember the store’s name. The fabric is very light weight, almost like Liberty Lawn, but has a very thin and flexible coating of plastic on one side. They were sold as cut and rolled pieces, approximately “Fat Quarter” size, but there were no selvedges or identifying features on it, so I can’t tell you the manufacturer.

    • Wanted to let you know I found a similar fabric on Etsy. It is listed under “soft laminated cotton”. They inly sell by the yard and I purchased three yards so if anyone wants enough ti nake a rain coat let me know.

  1. hmm, have eaten elderberry jelly but never cordial…I will be quite interested to hear what the girls (and their human) think of it. Great pics, great raincoats!!

    • This is made from the flowers instead of the berries, but it is the same plant…the cordial I have had in the past has been absolutely delicious, I will let you know what the Quimper Hitty’s verdict is on how this compares!

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