Red Stockings with Clocks

Almost Done!

Rose has been helping me knit some red yarn into long stockings…the project has felt absolutely endless at times, but we are done at last!




Darning Mushroom

We have always wanted to clock some stockings…so we stuck a darning mushroom into the stocking to keep the tension even, and looked up a pattern for chickens, ending up using Pam Sluter’s free Rhode Island Red pattern from Ravelry (click here for the pattern)…we added a few stitches to plump up the hens.



Swiss Darning

…we embroidered the first chicken right way round – it it faces forward on the left ankle, walking counter-clockwise.  Our favourite photographer (also a computer wizard) reversed the pattern so we could embroider the chicken on the right ankle facing forward and walking clock-wise.




Thank goodness for Rose’s continual encouragement and thank goodness the clocked (clucked?) stockings are done in time for Christmas!

 Click this link for some old clocked stockings.




6 thoughts on “Red Stockings with Clocks

  1. Hitty Marie Claire is VERY impressed with your chicken clocked stockings. Her human is also very impressed with the talent and creativity involved..someone is going to have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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