Reading January Books


The Block Twins were sent to the bookshelf after complaining of the January Blahs…





…They have many books to choose from…




…including some children’s classics with nice pictures…




…but it is a new year, so Opal and Agathe are feeling more grown up!




…and now they are discovering the joys of words,




…and reading aloud together!!

Frankenstein was published exactly 200 years and three days ago!




6 thoughts on “Reading January Books

  1. One of my favorites! Hope the girls enjoy it and do not scare themselves.. actually the book is more tragic then scary so it should certainly be a more grown up experience for them. Love your photos!!!

    • The girls don’t mind a bit of scariness as long as they have one another to have the frights with! I believe there were some philosophical parts in the book – I foresee some interesting discussions around the Hitty dining table!

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