September Weekend Laundry

Energy-Saving Device

Arianell and Carrot Soup thought the wringer-washers might be useful…





Elbow Grease

…though Jane doesn’t see anything wrong with using an old-fashioned washboard.





8 thoughts on “September Weekend Laundry

  1. Sometimes, it’s very hard to keep up with modern changes. I trust that Jane’s “hands” are not getting too worn down by all that hand washing with the scrub board.

    • Jane is fond of scrubbing, fortunately for the rest of the Hitty cupboard…however we hope to relieve her of at least a bit of her housework, and are going to try to repair the “Little Miss” washer, though I believe it came with a separate bucket with attached mangle.

  2. I remember when I was a little girl, going down in the basement with my Grandmother and watching her use her wringer-washing machine. Arianell and Carrot Soup brought a sweet memory to light.

  3. Oh! I remember my grandma, my old aunt and my Mom doing laundry together…almost a ritual…Old fashioned ways kind of bring people together…don’t they? Long may they live on…and thanks for bringing them back to mind…we need to keep those moments alive so we don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s soooo much better doing anything with family, friends, maybe both!

  4. Those wringer washers are really quite something. I remember watching my mother use on and being warned to NOT mess around with it!! I also recall all the buttons that had to be replaced when they got smashed. great photos as always,

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