Yellow Violet

Constance brought home a sweet little sister from her trip to the Ozarks. Her name is Viola, because she has a Downy Wood Violet in her hair…




…and she is a little shy.




Tuesday offered to carry her stuff to the Quimper Hitty bedroom…



…and Gilly came to play!


We just came back from the Hitty Aux Arc event (say Aux Arc in french and you’ll hear “Ozark”). We met many Hitty friends, exchanged gifts, learned new things, ate delicious food, and had a busy time! Every delegate to the event received a  wonderful hand-carved and dressed doll made by the organisers, sisters Janet Cordell (Click here for her website) and Adina Huckins (Click here for her website). I am sure my new Quimper Hitty, Viola is the most beautiful of them all!

Rose is now busy knitting a new pair of socks, and Jane is cooking up a welcome feast…Eugenia is reading the new book I brought back, and Constance is having a little lie-down after a whirlwind of excitement and a long journey home!



8 thoughts on “Viola

  1. Violet is indeed very pretty but I am afraid I received the prettiest of the event Hittys! (grin). the girls welcoming her home is very sweet. I look forward to her adventures in the Quimper Cupboard

  2. Viola is a very special Hitty. She is simply lovely, from her face to her profile to her sweet feet and that flower in her perfectly carved hair is picture perfect.
    So glad you all had such a wonderful time…it’s nice to have you back safe and sound.

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