Viola Reads



Big and small

When I was in the Ozarks, I bought a little tiny version of a book called Diary of a Birthday Doll. The Hittys always appreciate it when I get them books they can actually read, and this was a book I already had in my bookshelf in human scale!




Arianell was curious to hear the story…




…and Gilly listened in too!


Alas, the human seems to have contracted a dreadful lurgy, but luckily the Hittys are always up for amusing themselves.



14 thoughts on “Viola Reads

      • Hi–I’m Dot–I read everything that is printed here but I don’t answer much. I’ve been a Hitty collector for a long time and have several Hitties. I have a reason for joining in now,tho!! I want to know if the book says it was printed in Mosaic Press? MP was printed in Cincinnati and I worked there at the time the book was printed and actually worked on the Birthday Book. I don’t know if someone else also printed it but it looks exactly like that.

        I love my Hitty girlsand reading all the comments on here!! Also hope your lurgy goes away soon!!!

        Thank you Dot

      • Hi Dot…yes the Birthday Book is from Mosaic Press, Cincinnati! I just adore it – the perfect miniaturized illustrations, the edge-gilding, and the fact it was a book I have in my own library! Thank you for this beautiful book – it has come to a home that treasures it!

  1. So happy to see my little darling, Gilly listening to the reading. What wonderful sisters she has.

    Hopefully your lurgy will go away fast.

  2. ohhh I am so sorry about the lurgy…I also have contracted it I fear I might have given it to you…… I hope you recover quickly. The book is lovely and so are your dear readers

  3. Oh, do take comfort from the Hittys during the lurgical time that you’re experiencing. I’m sure they will be great companions, eager to read to you and serve you.

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