Tansy’s Home!


The Hitty Cupboard is happy at the return of their Favourite Photographer and the redoubtable Tansy…




…the two of them have returned from a month-long project at SGang Gwaay where they helped to upgrade a boardwalk for visitors…



Copper Moon

Tansy worked hard and made friends with the crew.  Her new friend Paul Rosang was kind and generous – he made Tansy two pairs of bracelets, and gave her some beads and some liquorice fern roots for tea. One pair of bracelets is plain and narrow, and made of thicker copper. The second pair (shown here) is inscribed with the design of a Haida Moon.




Paul found the long bead at Cumshewa, the tiny faceted one at K’uuna (Skedans), and the broken large one at

SGang Gwaay. Tansy hopes to add the tiny bead to her coral necklace.




Lucky Tansy! Click here to see photographs taken a few years ago of SGang Gwaay … newer photos coming soon.



9 thoughts on “Tansy’s Home!

  1. you must be very happy to have both of them home. Tansy’s bracelets are wonderful (the copper is suppose to help with arthritis), the blues beads real treasures. Looking forward to seeing the new pictures.

  2. Oh Tansy it is so good to see you again. Your bracelets and beads are wonderful momentos of your trip. We are looking forward to photos of this adventure. Much has happened in the Quimper Cupboard in your absence. What fun you are going to have!

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