Triple Ginger


Aurelia helped measure the powdered ginger…


…and chop the candied ginger…




…and grate the fresh ginger.

(helpful hint about fresh ginger root: store it in the freezer!)




She helped me stir everything together…

(we love that the butter is melted and stirred in rather than having to cream butter and sugar together)




…and she helped roll half-tablespoon-sized balls in the crunchy coffee sugar.

I did the baking part…




…but there were plenty of cookies to share among the denizens of the human household, and the Hitty cupboard!!! Aurelia is very fond of ginger in all forms – perhaps because of her pretty red hair!


Click here for the recipe we used…we used whole wheat pastry flour, and orange zest instead of lemon…a member of the human household said they were deliciously gingery and had a perfect texture after cooling…they are the most gingery cookies I have ever made or tasted! YUMMY!

10 thoughts on “Triple Ginger

  1. What a pretty table setting with those gingery cookies and lovely dolls in the midst. Nothing could be better than tea, cooled cookies and dolls all together and of course, all enjoyed by a human/humans in the mix.

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