Helpful Felines


Rose has another knitting project on the go…




…the cats like to help…



Lap cat

…sort of…




…but their help isn’t always appreciated.




Rose wasn’t happy…




…but Arianell likes to help too…




…and now Rose has no more  knots, snarls or unexpected ends of damp frayed yarn.

(this story is based on actual events in the human household…)




7 thoughts on “Helpful Felines

  1. Love this it’s so true. This has happened in our household many times also. We have three cats who think me knitting with yarn coming from a ball is a fun game for them.

  2. I always smile at these cat antics, remembering my beloved Gracie Mae, who behaved in the very same way. We had her for 17-1/2 years…still miss her…pets make life so much brighter…as well as Hittys…and youngest members of families.

    • I am sure Gracie May was a wonderful feline friend, to have you remembering her so fondly still…they do brighten up our lives considerably…I can’t imagine our house without a warm, aloof, playful, imperious kitty.

  3. Oh so very catlike!! They are always so helpful with sewing,knitting, reading…the list goes on. Love the photos and the story. Wonder what Rose is knitting??!

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