Tansy visits K’uuna/Skedans


Tansy is always interested to visit this particular village K’uuna (Skedans) – she likes to have a chat with the poles and brush up on her Haida. This time she wanted to show them her beautiful little bead from their beach (given to her by Paul Rosang, who also made her special copper bracelets.



K’uuna has an interesting variety of features and poles, and is a great place to learn about traditional life in these islands, for instance this columnar pole is said to have been inspired by neoclassical architecture in Victoria…


House Feature

…and this is very large and deep house feature  indicates that an important, and wealthy family lived here…



Potlatch rings

…and the chief who erected this pole had held an impressive thirteen potlatches (each ring on the pole indicates one potlatch)!




 The tour was given by Jessica Brookes, who is the daughter of one of the Favourite Photographer’s workmates from years past…she was energetic and very informative…




Tansy enjoyed visiting with the poles and paying her respects…




Haawa (thank you) for allowing us to visit and for your teachings about this beautiful place.



Please  click here  to see the website of Outer Shores Expeditions,


If you want to see where Passing cloud is right now, click here!



8 thoughts on “Tansy visits K’uuna/Skedans

  1. The understanding in how to observe these poles was inspiring…thank you. Such beauty and history…and the family of Jessica must be proud that she is also becoming part of their history in caring for this magnificent island.

  2. It’s so wonderful to me that there are those who really care, are Watchmen or Watchwomen who take the time to care for their special place in the world and keep it’s history alive as well as steward their land. There has been much deposited within me over the years that Tansy and Favorite Photographer have spent time here.

  3. Always an interesting and informative experience when Tansy visits this area. Lots to think about and ponder and read up about the whole area. Thanks for introducing us to this place and its history.

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