Blueberry Breakfast


A big box of fresh blueberries arrived in the Hitty Cupboard!





Dulcie’s treat

Dulcie and her sisters brought them, but there were no knives and forks to eat them with…




…so Hattie visited the miraculous river of silver light…




…and brought home silverware for everyone, even the cats.




The Hittys all had blueberries and milk for breakfast, but the cats preferred fish. Everybody was happy!




Especially Dulcie.


6 thoughts on “Blueberry Breakfast

  1. Wherever the “miraculous river of silver light” came from, let the imagination continue on! We’ve been gifted another quaint and dear narrative…with thanks I end.

  2. I also found the “The Miraculous River of Silver Light” to be enchanting…paired with yummy fresh blueberries…the best of both realms.

  3. Aha,, the smallest Quimper Human had a hand in this story I am sure…and there is the lovely Dulcie as a big clue. Lovely little story.

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