English Daisy


Tephra and I walked home through the meadows…




…and gathered a few daisy flowers with long stems.




We twisted them together…




…into a circle of daisys…



…just the right size for Tephra.




Now she is an English Daisy princess.




17 thoughts on “English Daisy

  1. You have beautiful and diverse habitat on your walks. That meadow with blooming daisies is a masterpiece in reality…as for Tephra…she looks like a wooden goddess…love her.

    • It was a warm and beautiful spring day yesterday, and perfect for visiting the daisy meadows – Tephra was glad to be out with me so she could revel in the botanical beauties of nature in spring.

  2. So very lovely. I too think she is beautiful and one of your shining creations. All are lovely in their own ways.

  3. lovely! They are just beginning to bloom in our hay fields. We call the “wild”ones Ox Eye daisies. Tephra looks delightful in her daisy crown.

    • Ours are only about four inches high, perhaps smaller than ox-eye daisies, though I don’t know for sure…I love daisy crowns, and find they are very uplifting – Tephra seems to think so too!

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