A Good Book

Cat disapproves of the weather.

Cat disapproves.

8.4 mm rain already today, and the barometer is falling steeply…the cat is not the only one unimpressed with the weather.

Fascinating title to a cat.

A  fascinating title to a cat.

Patience and Eugenia find solace in a cuddle with the cat and a good book. The cat approves of their choice in literature.



The book is from Faerie Queene Miniatures.


13 thoughts on “A Good Book

  1. When the hitty girls posted about the weather I was out for my lunch break. I got drenched – my so-called waterproof coat being no better than a kleenex. Fortunately I had a wonderful wool hat to keep me warm. A wool shawl would have been welcome too. And a good book. And fireplace. And warm cat.

  2. All Quimper Hittys are welcome to Las Vegas, where the weather is nice, at this time of the year, between 50 – 60 degrees F…..If they cannot get here, then they are doing the next best thing which is to snuggle up with a good book and a cuddly cat dreaming of some bad mice and cheese.

  3. Lovely. My cat also dislikes the rain. However, she is also critical of books, often biting their corners while I read. She’s even tried to bite the iPad, which I have less patience for.

  4. Yep, it’s right nasty out up here, too! Raining like no tomorrow and bitter cold… just trying to keep my flippers warm by the ol’ fireplace! We hope that the Hittys and all the humans are safe and warm tonight…

  5. Although it must have been a challenge for the Quimper Hittys and all others in the area, be grateful for the moisture. Here, near the Mississippi River, we are still in drought times. It’s good to see that the Hittys make the most of their situations no matter what comes their way.

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