Damp Day in June


On a very damp June morning…




…Tipsy climbed up the Ceanothus tree…




…and found a dryish place to sit.




Tipsy chatted to a crow…




…and a Little Brown Bird…




…nice to hang out with friends!



9 thoughts on “Damp Day in June

  1. Despite the damp day she looks very happy in her cheerful yellow raincoat and hat which are of course perfect for enabling her to go exploring in the garden and to meet up with two feathered friends. Just charming 🙂

  2. Oh my Gosh…Tipsy’s smile is like a sunbeam. She looks adorable in her raincoat and adorable matching boots. Of course, all crows are attracted to hittys…but seeing it in photos is awesome. Loved it.

    • We are so happy that Tipsy makes you happy – her outfit, right down to her boots was made by a Hitty friend – isn’t it perfect for a damp day?! The birds were happy to have a sensible adventurous and intelligent doll to chat with!

  3. So nice to hang out with friends indeed. I found the little yellow prototype boot the other day and realized I need to make some for my Hittys some day. Thanks for another delightful post!

    • You are welcome – it makes me happy to hear that the Quimper Hittys spark joy! The boots are so cute – we love them too, and are grateful to the Hitty friend that sent them to us!

  4. she is so cute! And of course always seeing one of the Quimper girls in their rain gear makes me grin! I do confess that we are a tad envious of those rain boots here on the farm. great post, love the bird pals!

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