Fall Friday Flowers

Lobelia cardinales

Tuesday and Constance went to check the plants in the back garden…




…a deer got in overnight and nipped off some flowers – drat!




Some large clumps were pulled right out of the ground, but a few buds were left.




We brought the ripped out clumps inside and revived them in water…




…a fall Friday Bouquet!



8 thoughts on “Fall Friday Flowers

  1. No matter what happens in the QH household or what you write about, I’m always given such a spark of peace, sweetness and kindness. These gifts are given to one another, to the critters, to the plants now. Thank you for these blessings that you have bestowed us in your blog. I’m truly grateful.

    • The world is full of trouble, and sometimes it seems there is no end of it, but I do honestly believe that more kindness in the world could help when we are dealing with the ills big and small. May the sparks of peace ignite the flames of love!

  2. A-w-w Thank You Becky for your beautiful words…You have a beautiful gift in describing our love and appreciation for Quimper Hitty.
    This flower is very special to me. We call it Cardinal flower here in the East…I guess after the Cardinal bird. My mother loved cardinals and after she died she sent Cardinals to my sister and brother in ways they knew it was from her.
    I was walking in our woods and asked her why she didn’t send me a cardinal….not in the woods…they are quite common…I won’t take up more text but she sent the Cardinals to my sister and brother in an unordinary way. That day in the woods, Julie pointed over to bright red flowers growing along a stream…they were Cardinal flowers…quite rare here. I will never forget that present…they have never bloomed again.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story of the gift of the Cardinal flower – isn’t it interesting how we recognize little fragments of heaven in a flower, a phrase, or moment?

  3. Lovely bouquet…happy that you were able to salvage them , sorry about those pesky deer!! We have many around us but we live in the country and there are so many fields full of soybeans and corn they tend to ignore us! Lovely photos as always. The girls are beautifully dressed!!!

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