Quimper Quince Jam

Big, Fuzzy, Ripe!

Tipsy helped pick the quince…



Great Grater

…grate the fruit…



Scooping spoonfuls

…and measure the sugar!



Stirring and steaming

…the human did all the stirring while the jam transitioned from yellow to…



Pots and pots!





10 thoughts on “Quimper Quince Jam

  1. Quince jam making seems to match the colors of autumn and Tipsy’s apron definitely leads the way into this season’s highlights. That sugar crock’s coloring also has added a firm stamp of the season.

    • My mother-in-law made the sugar crock, we love it, so handy on the counter top! Tipsy is the latest in a long line of Quimper Hittys to wear that orange and red-checked pinafore – it is the model upon which the pleated pinafore pattern is based!

  2. 🎼🎶I love Paris in the Springtime 🎵I love Quimper in the Fall 🎶🎵You sure have created a haven in your backyard…and paved the way to self sufficiency! I can almost smell the jam…Great job girls!

  3. No wonder Tipsy has that great happy smile on her face. The Quimper kitchen must have a wonderful aroma. Looks like the girls will have many months of jam on their biscuits and toast. YUM.

    • We will all be having Quince jam on biscuits, toast, scones, and croissants…and a favourite dessert of mine is to eat it it with crackers and manchego cheese – (reminiscent of Argentinian Dulce de membrillo con queso).

  4. Have never tasted quince jam or even a quince! Love your photos and the jam looks so lovely in the jars. As for that pleated pinny..I love it and have used your pattern many times for the Country HIttys! Thank you!!

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