Frosty Blue Coat

Coat and Bonnet

Vanilla is wearing a beautiful new frosty blue coat and bonnet which arrived as a winter gift from a Hitty friend…




Rose says the ensemble is very becoming…



Heel Turning

…and because she is going a bit cross-eyed with all the ribbing, slip-knit, s1/k1/psso, and kitchener-stitching, she took a short break…



moss stitch

…to knit a few inches of moss-stitch with some left-over sock yarn.




Vanilla loves it!




She wore the coat, hat and scarf down to Cattle Point to watch some birds at sunset…




…and she was perfectly snug and warm as she walked home to the Hitty cupboard.



15 thoughts on “Frosty Blue Coat

      • Who couldn’t be happy, for example I wished to jump into your beautiful world… Thank you again, Love, nia

  1. You have a wonderful friend who gifted that lovely coat to your Hittys. Vanilla looks very snug and charming in it. Thank you for sharing the beauty that comes your way in a variety of means.

  2. Vanilla looks so warm and ready for Winter. Love the soft blue coat and bonnet. The scarf is beautiful and will keep Vanilla’s neck warm and toasty. The color combination is perfect. She looks so pretty against the soft evening christmas light.

    • Vanilla loves the outfit – I think she looks good in blue! Rose was happy to whip up a matching scarf – we get more damp cold than cold cold here, but the damp goes right down your neck if you don’t have a warm scarf to prevent drafts!

  3. The Quimper Hittys have the best caretaker…who inspires the most creative friends! All of whom do make our world a better place! Beautiful gift and scarf!!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Vanilla happened to notice the colour match…Rose was happy to take a break from huge “sleeping bags” to work up a little scarf…but she’s back to knitting knitting knitting…

    • We are so lucky that we live in the part of Canada that is mild and temperate…it was actually an unseasonable 14 degrees at 3:30 when we were out at the foreshore, and though it dropped to 10 when the sun went down Vanilla was quite warm! She might have needed an extra layer if the wind had come up…

  4. Rose is such a dear to knit that lovely scarf!! Vanilla does look quite cozy, she is pretty in blue but then she is pretty in ANY color!! Her walk and especially the pause beside the colored lights…magical!!!

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