Knitting Hitty Socks


I carved Henrietta in a Northern hemisphere winter, and she has bare feet, and they are chilly! I’ve mentioned that I make Hitty socks using Meg Bakewell’s Tiniest Wee Sock pattern with some adaptions. I don’t recommend you try this if you haven’t ever knit a sock before, but if you want to try, the gallery below will show exactly what I do:






I hope it isn’t too horribly confusing. If you’ve knitted a human sock this will all probably make more sense than if you don’t know how to knit and this is your first ever sock.



13 thoughts on “Knitting Hitty Socks

    • We love the colour too – it is called hot pink, but it isn’t anything like the hot pink of my youth…I would call it raspberry! Whatever its name, it is indeed cosy for Henrietta’s little toes!

  1. Since I don’t knit and would never dream of attempting even full-sized socks, I can safely admire Henrietta’s cosy toes without a pang of envy! And pink socks are always the warmest!

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