Chain Link

Guttersnipe and Mudlark climbed the chain link fence…




…walked along the rails…




….and skipped along the pickets.




They expended a lot of energy just so they could sit on the fence…




…and they were so exhausted by all the exercise they dashed back inside and sat on the counter-top to wait for a restorative cup of tea!





10 thoughts on “Fence-Sitting

  1. My goodness, all that exercise and roaming around in winter with no coats! Tea definitely sounds like a soothing source of restoration. Thanks for the inspiration to more movement.

    • The tiny China head girls don’t have coats, it’s true, we may have to do something about that, but meanwhile more activity can indeed lead to warmth, but tea is best of all after a frolic!

  2. those two are such good friends and adventuring companions. Enjoyed their outing and am always in favor of a restorative cuppa!

    • We think tea is good for fortifying before an adventure, sustaining during, and celebrating afterwards! The two friends are excellent companions…I wonder what they think of living with a bunch of woodenheads?

    • Haha, they were not averse to a wee nip, but it wasn’t offered…wait a mo I think I hear raucous laughter coming from Mungo’s cupboard…and it was just Burns day. Hitty Patience may have to dig out her headache remedy.

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