Wisteria Quilt


 After they visited the Wisteria vine, Vanilla and Henrietta went indoors to sort through some fabrics that needed a new home.




They thought this beautifully perfect and timely strip of fabric should come and live in the Hitty cupboard…




The human made a few snips here and there…




…and stitched the strips to more strips…




…and ended up with this.




Vanilla and Henrietta are going to have very sweet dreams tonight!



24 thoughts on “Wisteria Quilt

    • The strips of fabric were in a little bag, in a stack of other fabrics…it was pure serendipity that we uncovered then on the very day of our visit to the Wisteria! The quilt couldn’t wait to be made, and Henrietta and Vanilla love it!

    • Exactly…the girls will dream about that lovely afternoon: bees humming in the flower waterfalls (wisteria honey!); the fun of clambering about in the vines; and a sweet aura of heady perfume.

    • Thank you Nia, it was a beautiful coincidence to find the fabrics on the same day that we visited the Wisteria vine! We don’t know what the original intention was for these lovely pieces, but the dolls are glad that I made a little quilt!

    • Thank you! When I was a baby, apparently, my mother used to park me under a wisteria vine for a nap…I have loved Wisteria for as long as I remember, perhaps since before I could articulate any thoughts at all!

    • It felt a bit like magic when the wisteria fabric unrolled itself just that day. The girls love that bed, which we learned how to make at the Hitty workshop in Branson, (where we met you in person…seems like an age ago now!)

    • Tiny quilts are so satisfying! This fabric had a large (for Hitty) print so it became their first long strips quilt! It was just serendipity and perfect timing on discovering the Wisterias-on-cloth!

  1. I saw in comments a mention of a mini quilt show. I think tat would be awesome! What beautiful fabric, too. I just got a new 18in doll with a coupon from vaccination. I need to make her some vintage clothes soon… Her skirt is .much too short.

    • Perhaps one of these days we will have a mini Quilt show! My Hittys say that all dolls need nice new clothes, and the scraps make good quilts! When the fabrics jump out of the pile, it is hard to say no!

      • I agree. Sierra (My new dolly) got her hair french braided today as I contemplated where to go with the next chapter on the book I’m currently writing. I have 3 rough outs, and still can’t settle on that first page content.

    • Thank you very much, Blue Heron…it is very satisfying to me to have found the perfect scraps, just a little snip and a little stitch and there was a pretty, and commemorative wee quilt!

    • Thanks for your comment, Flower Roberts. We combined two of our interests, a pretty quilt sewing project, and fun flower outing – just luck and ability, I guess – I do feel lucky!

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